Hemil Patel

Melbourne , Australia 3123 · (+61) 424 033 047 · hello@hemilpatel.com

The young Software Developer with the experience of building the scalable and secure APIs and microservices. I am a passion driven full stack web developer looking for the opportunities to work on any cutting-edge technologies and tools. Python and MEAN stack are the major technologies I am working on. Apart from that, I am a start-up enthusiastic and a geek who has been participated in more than 5 hackathons including Ingenious Hackathon by IEEE branch of Ahmedabad University, Hack-NU-Thon by Nirma University and Hackday Sprint Hackathon by Facebook DevC.

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Full-time Freelancer

Self Employed

- Dating App
- Project Management Chatbot (Slack ,Skype, Messanger , Web)
- Node JS Performance Tuning
- Admin Panels

- Node JS
- Express JS
- MongoDB
- Python
- Angular 4, 6
- Ionic

January 2019 - Present

Full Stack Web Developer

Solution Analysts

- Scalable API development
- Building webhooks and advance messaging queues to communicate between Microservices
- Securing API endpoints with OAuth 2.0
- Designing user-friendly web apps with Angular 6

- Node JS
- Express JS
- MongoDB
- Python
- Angular 4, 6
- Ionic

May 2018 - January 2019


OAuth 2.0 NodeJS Server Provider

NodeJS | Express | oauth2orize | Mongoose
Securing REST APIs with OAuth 2.0 in Node JS server

Code : Github Repository

Piloto : Find your alikes

Chatbot | Python | Flask | Messenger Platform
Piloto is the location based chatbot to find people with particular interests

Code : Github Repository

Urban Granny : Hackathon Winning Project

Chatbot | Heathcare API | Web Scrapping | Python | Flask | Messenger Platform
Urban Granny is a Facebook Messenger based nutrition health assistant to help you to calculate Fat, Carbs, Proteins and Calories in your food.

Live : Facebook Messenger

InstaAPK : Unofficial API of apkpure.com

Web Scrapping | API Development | Python | BeautifulSoup4
InstaApk is the unofficial API of apkpure.com for hassle free APK downloads

Code : Github Repository

Expense Sharing App API : Backend

Node JS | Express JS | MongoDB
Fully function Backend for Expense Sharing App like "splitwise"

Code : Github Repository

RabbitMQ : Multiple worker/queues

RabbitMQ Server | JavaScript | Node JS
This project is about maintaining messenging queues to communicate between Microservices with RabbitMQ

Code : Github Repository


Start-up weekend Ghandhinagar

Organized by Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University
Role: To provide a tech support by developing a Web App platform for the idea "Granny thr Nanny"

Ingenious Hackathon 2018

Organized by IEEE branch of Ahmedabad University
Role: To build a location based chatbot platform for our idea "Piloto"

Echai Hackathon: First Price Winner

Organized by Echai.in
Role: To support in a development of desktop based marketing Application

Hack-NU-Thon:2nd runner-up

Organized by Facebook Deveoper Circles
Role: To develope a product that can be used by developers

Hackday Sprint Hackathon

Organized by Nirma University
Role: To develope API and Chatbot Application in Healthcare Domain


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Apart from being a web developer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. I love to spend my quality time with my friends and family . During free time I love to learn new skills. I enjoy entertaining people with my hilarious sense of humar.

When forced indoors, I spend maximum of my time with laptop by surfing internet. Contributing open sourse and making portfolio projects are real fun to me. I follow a number of good blogs written on cutting edge technologies and start-ups. I never miss a single tech/start-up event happening in the city. Participating in Hackathons is also a part of them. Meeting new people and exchanging knowladge attracts me the most towards events.

Awards & Certifications

  • Udemy certified Full Stack Web Developer
  • 1st Price Winner - Echai Hackathon
  • 2nd Runner-up - Hack-NU-Thon - Nirma University
  • Selected - Global Hackathon - Tokyo Junction 2018